Inspiration 550 Hybrid - Ergoline
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The Inspiration 550 Hybrid Performance combines space saving with a luxury tanning experience for mid-and top-level tanners. Equipped with ultra-performance facial tanning technology and the unique combination of Red Light and UV, the Inspiration 550 Hybrid delivers unmatched results for your tanners.

The Ergoline Inspiration 550 Hybrid combines trusted performance with 28 traditional UV lamps and 12 Smartsun lamps, which are a perfect combination of UV and Red Light in the same lamp. This synergistic combination of Red Light and UV provides a more golden, natural looking tan. Featuring the Personal Sunstyle, users can reduce UV output during a session while maintaining the benefits of Red Light for the body and face. Fully loaded with all the standard options, the Inspiration 550 Hybrid delivers unmatched results in a whole new light.

Hybrid Light
See the difference: Immediately

The Inspiration 550 Hybrid brings UV and Red Light together and it’s a match made in heaven. Experience color like never before with the perfect combination of light and beauty. Groundbreaking technology available only at Ergoline, give your customers a whole new and heightened color result.

Technical data

Product dimensions
(L x W x H in inch)

93-5/16 x 53-13/16 x 52-1/16

93 -5/16 x 53-13/16 x 66-11/16

Unit Footprint
(L x W in inch)

94-1/2 x 82-11/16

Maximum total output with mains connection

10,000 W


40 amp 3 phase
60 amp single phase


1,190 lbs

Product information

Further information can be found in our instruction manuals and planning manuals.

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